You have reached the Forest Lake Health Ministries website.  Our mission is to provide programs that help the individual strive for optimal health and wellness by learning and practicing principles established by our Creator.

Choosing to live a healthy life takes commitment.  We at Forest Lake Church are constantly seeking ways through the health ministries programs to encourage each other to strengthen our bodies and minds for the glory of God.  We promote a plant-based diet, and regular exercise and rest.  Most important is the need to develop an ever-deepening relationship with our Creator.

We pray for blessing and good health for you. The following programs at Forest Lake Church are designed to help improve health and well-being:

CREATION HEALTH was designed by Florida Hospital.  Using the CREATION model, we can look at areas of our lives that are important for optimal health.  This Creation Program is offered at the Forest Lake Church at various time during the year.  If you are interested in attending this 8-session, informative, life changing seminar, please call 407-869-0680 and check our calendar.

PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS COOKING SCHOOL meets monthly – check the church bulletin or at the church office for the monthly meeting date.


Alzheimer’s Support Group meets 1st Monday of each month, 7:00 p.m. in the Upper Youth Center.


takes place on the first or second Sunday of scheduled months in the Upper Youth Center. Up-to-date, pertinent health information is presented by Dr. George Guthrie. Everyone is welcome.