Lending Library

Lending Library of Books and DVD’s on Health

To Borrow an Item:

  1. Below is a complete list of our Books and DVD’s (An email of the list is also available upon request).
  2. Call 321-972-6254 or email denaguthrie@earthlink.net and I will respond ASAP.
  3. We will arrange for the most convenient fulfillment of your request.


 Lending Rules:

  1. Books: 30-day limit. (50 cents / day thereafter. You may request a short extension on books at the end of 30 days)
  2. DVD’s: 14-day limit. (50 cents / day thereafter.)
  3. Items must not be loaned to anyone other than the person listed borrowing the item.
  4. Returns may be made to the front office at Forest Lake Church OR directly to Dena Guthrie.
  5. Attach a sticky note to the cover of the item with “For Dena Guthrie” and include the form that will accompany the item.
  6. Late or Lost Items: If the borrower exceeds return limits by 7 days or more without an approved extension you will be asked to give the full replacement value to Dena Guthrie. Others may be waiting for the item borrowed.Lending LIbrary Poster